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RTC offers Phone support for our DSL/Fiber internet services during our normal hours Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm with an extra hour Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday till 6:00pm at 812-486-2300.

As many of you remember, RTC had to move our email platform to a different service provider a few years ago. Rather than putting everyone through this process again the board made the hard choice to discontinue the @rtccom.net and @dmrtc.net EMAIL service. After over a year of notifications, all rtccom.net and dmrtc.net EMAIL accounts were discontinued as of July 15th 2017. 

 The provider we are recommending is Google and their gmail.com product.  If you would rather use a different email service such as Hotmail, you are more than welcome to, but our staff will be limited in its ability to assist you.


We thank you for your understanding.  Email service is a very important part of the whole Internet experience, but with the all the free email services available, going forward this was the best option for everyone.  

To access your spam email (Greymail) please follow this link https://greymail.redcondor.net/console/  and login using your @rtccom.net email address and password

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